Facility in the Spotlight – Legacy Rehabilitation Group

Established in 2015, Legacy Rehabilitation Group was created with the vision of bringing exceptional outpatient therapy and pain management to the Twins Cities metro. Their highly-trained, professional staff care about helping you and your loved ones achieve the highest possible outcomes.  They utilize the latest medical research, state-of-the-art equipment and professional collaboration to create treatments that address your individual needs. Their mission is to provide professional, high-quality outpatient therapy with a collaborative, patient-centered approach that helps their clients achieve their maximum outcome.



After two years of work in the world of corporate Physical Therapy, Mary Beth (Erickson) Zabel decided to join a new private outpatient therapy company, Legacy Rehabilitation Group, started by her former colleague. Mary Beth brought with her, passion for physical therapy and ensuring that the patient is at the heart of every part of the rehabilitation process. With a focus on the medical rehabilitation model, each treatment plan is research-based and designed for each patient’s individual needs. Over the last two years, Legacy Rehabilitation Group has grown substantially, now having multiple satellite clinic sites across the Greater Twin Cities Metro Area in addition to the central clinic located in Golden Valley, MN. Legacy Rehabilitation Group is now a certified Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (CORF) – one of only nine in the entire state of Minnesota.

Mary Beth isn’t your typical therapist. She has been known to drag the skeleton across the room to explain to her patients exactly what is going on with their body, what the recovery process looks like, and even how that works alongside their current insurance plan. Not just treating the body – but the whole person. Legacy Rehabilitation Group has grown continuously over the last few years, adding several therapists to their team. Patients who have worked with Mary Beth will tell you all about her kindness, encouragement, and positive energy. Every part of her therapy is about her patients. Their practice is consistently growing with locations now in Golden Valley, St. Anthony, and Lakeville, MN.

Although the clinic sees a variety of patients, therapists do see quite a few patients struggling with balance and gait training issues. Mary Beth mentioned that a non-negotiable piece of equipment in their facility is the Solo-Step. “We use the Solo-Step to work with patients that have strength, neuro, and gait deficiencies. Because I know that the patient is secure in the Solo-Step, I’m able to help them move their limbs and get the correct foot placement. The patient also recovers more quickly because they have confidence and know that even though I am challenging them, that they are still in control and won’t fall if they lose their balance or a limb gives out. I would tell other therapists that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by adding a Solo-Step to their facility. It will help them improve outcomes and gain their independence. It is so versatile that we can use it all the time.”

When Mary Beth isn’t traveling between locations, helping patients, conducting trainings or filling out paperwork, Mary Beth and husband Andy enjoy attending baseball games, cooking with friends, and spending time with their fur babies –Winnie and Charlie. They get serious about cooking –even having themed competitions with friends centering around the show, Top Chef, cooking different dishes and themes, and voting on the favorite dish. She and her husband, Andy, enjoy living in the Twin Cities and are excited about the idea of watching Legacy Rehabilitation Group grow in the future.

After a short conversation with Mary Beth, you can feel her energy and passion for her patients and the work that she is doing. If you are considering outpatient rehabilitation with passionate therapists that are all about you, research-backed education, and results in the Minneapolis area, you should definitely consider Legacy Rehabilitation Group -KF

To learn more about Legacy Rehabilitation Group, visit their website at www.legacyrehab.org.

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