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Patient Benefits
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Facility Benefits

A Better Fall Prevention System

The Solo-Step Overhead Track System attaches to a harness protecting the patient from dangerous falls and injuries. Solo-Step provides support and increases confidence for patients during all aspects of physical therapy, including sit-to-stand, walking therapy, balance training, gait training, and climbing stairs.

With Solo-Step, only one therapist is needed to perform therapy, reducing staff time and worker’s compensation claims.  As a leading manufacturer of physical therapy equipment, Solo-Step has installed safe patient handling and rehabilitation systems from coast to coast.  Using the Solo-Step Overhead Track and Harness System, your patients can experience the technology thousands of patients have used from all around the world to reach new levels of rehabilitation faster than ever before!  Discover how the Solo-Step overhead track and harness system can benefit your balance training or gait training program, physical therapy clinic, or hospital.


Affordable.  Effective.  Safe.

Hundreds of top hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and universities worldwide, including Harvard University and Walter Reed Army Medical Center use the Solo-Step to help their patients excel and reduce liability risks.

The types of facilities that use Solo-Step:

  • Private Physical Therapy Clinics
  • Rehabilitation Hospitals
  • Veteran Affairs Hospitals
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • And more

With an industry-leading, 5-year, track and trolley warranty and a 2-year warranty on our harnesses and lanyards, our systems are engineered to last. For pricing information, contact us today!

NEW! Solo-Step Rental Program

We’re excited to offer your facility another option to pay for an overhead track system! Our goal is to provide your facility and patients an affordable and effective option for your fall prevention needs. The Solo-Step Overhead Track System:

  • Prevents falls
  • Increases patient confidence
  • Prevents therapist injuries
  • Safely challenges your patients
  • Decreases the fear of falling

Rental plans start as low as $300/month! Click the button below to learn more about the benefits of our rental program, including installation benefits, lifetime rental warranty, and more!

Installed In Over 1000 Facilities Across the U.S.!

“This system is everything it is advertised to be. The system is quiet and stable, which is great when you use it all day, every day. The patients love the feeling of security instead of a therapist cinching a belt around their waist. In addition, the representatives are super easy to work with and accommodating. As far as installation, it is absolutely worth paying for. The guys are quick and clean up afterwards.”

– William Holman – Holman PT

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