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Patient Benefits
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Facility Benefits

A Better Fall Prevention System

Solo-Step is a high-performance overhead track system that attaches to a harness protecting the patient from falling. Solo-Step provides support and increases confidence for patients during all aspects of physical therapy, including sit-to-stand, walking therapy, balance training and climbing stairs.

These therapies can be performed with just one therapist, reducing staff time and worker’s compensation claims.  As a leading manufacturer of physical therapy equipment, Solo-Step has installed safe patient handling and rehabilitation systems from coast to coast.  Using the Solo-Step Overhead Track and Harness System, your patients can experience the technology thousands of patients have used from all around the world to reach new levels of rehabilitation faster than ever before!

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featured image

Affordable.  Effective.  Safe.

Hundreds of top hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and universities around the world, including Harvard University and Walter Reed Army Medical Center use the Solo-Step to help their patients excel and reduce liability risks.

The types of facilities who use Solo-Step:

  • Private Physical Therapy Clinics
  • Rehabilitation Hospitals
  • Veteran Affairs Hospitals
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Wellness Centers
  • High Performance Centers

With an industry leading, 5-year, track and trolley warranty and a 2-year warranty on our harnesses and lanyards, our systems are engineered to last. For information on pricing, contact us today!


See how it Works

Watch the demo video and see how patients and medical professionals from around the world are using Solo-Step to increase rehabilitation times, increase patient safety and improve overall patient care.











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