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Being a physical therapist who specializes in rehab, vestibular balance programs, or gait training,  means you have a huge responsibility to help your patients get better.

With all of the challenges associated with getting your patients from where they are to where they need to be, the last thing you need on your plate is worrying about your patient falling during the rehabilitation process!

Here at Solo-Step, Inc., our mission is to help you become the best therapist you can be! The Solo-Step Overhead Track System allows you to step away from your patients with a hands-off approach to give you the ability to view total body alignment with ease.  Solo-Step gives patients an increased level of confidence as they are working their way through your balance program or rehab course.

With the help of the Solo-Step Track System you can:

  • Use the system within minutes of being introduced to it because of its ease of use and simplicity
  • Reduce the risk of injury or strain associated with protecting patient falls
  • Step away from your patient and view total body alignment without worrying about them falling
  • Challenge your patient to reach high levels of rehabilitation in less time

Say goodbye to straining your back or getting seriously injured while trying to protect your patients from falling. With the Solo-Step, patients are securely fastened into a comfortable harness that is connected to an above trolley inside the track.

On top of protecting your career longevity by reducing risks of injury, you will also be able to see your patients improve their balance, gait, mobility, and strength faster than ever before!

If you are the type of physical therapist who wants to help your patients progress at faster rates with less fear in a safer environment, request your free information packet now!

What Others Have to Say

Since having SoloStep® installed, we have utilized the product from day one. Not only has it helped with day to day operations, but also with our clinical research programs. SoloStep® has been nothing but a pleasure to work with, from quote to installation. The SoloStep® team and installers are second to none! I highly recommend SoloStep®!

Jon Lowry

PT Solutions

SOLO-STEP® needs to be in every rehab center in America! I was paralyzed from the waist down when I was 21 years old. Doctors told me I would never walk again. After 6 months in the hospital, over 20 surgeries and many months of physical therapy, I took my first steps! The scariest thing in life was taking those first steps. For able-bodied people, falling is not a big deal or something to fear. But for someone who has been injured or has some medical condition that leaves them unable to walk, it is one of the scariest things they ever face. I wish I would have had the SOLO-STEP® earlier on in my therapy.

Bret Merkle

Using the SOLO-STEP®, I felt completely confident that I would not fall and this allowed me to concentrate entirely on walking with my prosthesis. I was able to get rid of my crutches faster and practice walking over a step and forward, backward and sideways at my own speed. I especially liked the security during balance drills. Before, when supported by a gait belt, I had less freedom and less confidence. The vest was also really comfortable so I was able to concentrate on the therapy 100%.

Keith Rasmussen

The SOLO-STEP® allows any size therapist to work with any size patient.

Jack Billion

SOLO-STEP® is an innovative rehabilitation tool designed for the safety of both the patient and therapist or athletic trainer. SOLO-STEP® has the versatility to allow you to work with all patients whether it be amputees, post of total joints, athletes or aquatics. This tool gives the patient complete confidence during assisted ambulation and eases the fear of falling. I cannot imagine how many injuries, to patients or practitioners, SOLO-STEP® could help prevent.

Mike Langston

SOLO-STEP® has given our facility an added edge to take on more challenging cases safely for both the patients and therapists.

Michel Vincent

Since installing the SOLO-STEP® unit, we have found it extremely useful for the rehabilitation of amputees, paraplegics, weight bearing restricted orthopedic patients, stroke patients, as well as our patients with multiple sclerosis. I am sure we will find many more applications as time goes on. We are 100% pleased with the quality, safety, and reliability of the SOLO-STEP® device.

Mark McDonald

I have been using the SOLO-STEP® with a variety of patients in my clinic. I have one patient who was terrified to ambulate alone and this was really impairing his function at home. He was using a wheelchair for mobility. After three sessions on the SOLO-STEP®, he increased his confidence and ambulatory distance from 30 feet to 60 feet and was able to discontinue use of the wheelchair in his home.

Ruth Scott

We had a patient who had a mild stroke with the majority of the deficits in balance and coordination. The patient needed a walker and minimal assistants upon arrival to our facility. We used the Solo Step everyday with this patient and he was able to walk out of our facility without using a walker or even a cane. This patient was so pleased with his success and enjoyed using the Solo Step.

Emily Bonfiglio

SOLO-STEP® is space-saving, and simple. It allows me to step back and assess the client during gait and balance therapy.

Matt Zens

PT Solutions