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8 Tips To Prevent Wintry Falls

8 Tips To Prevent Wintry Falls These eight tips can help you to maintain your balance and move confidently across snowy, icy or wet surfaces.   Traction Wear shoes with good traction. Dress warm If you’re warm, your muscles will stay relaxed. Tense muscles can adversely affect your balance. Be careful getting out of your [...]
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Using the Solo-Step is a Snap

The Solo-Step is a Snap! We’ve visited therapists in facilities across the country. One thing therapists keep telling us is how impressed they are that Solo-Step is easy to use. This is something that we’ve worked for and are so proud of! Our newest lanyard can be adjusted by simply pulling the tab and moving the [...]
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A Soldier’s Story of Recovery and Restoration

A Soldier's Story of Recovery and Restoration After an armor defeating IED exploded through the side of the vehicle, Joshua's memory went blank. The other guys in the vehicle told him after the accident that they thought he had been killed, and his parents were even told that he had been killed! But this soldier [...]
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Safe Patient Handling – Don’t Take the Fall

Safe Patient Handling - Don't Take the Fall   Studies have indicated that patient transfers present clear risks for both the patient as well as the nurse or therapist, and that efforts have been made to eliminate this risk for the safety of everyone involved. In addition, injuries from overexertion from individuals in the health care [...]
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Rafael’s Story

Rafael's Story Rafael has worked with his hands all his life. He’s used to long days and heavy lifting –the kind required in residential and commercial construction. When he told me about his work –his smile was evidence of a career and lifestyle that he enjoyed. That desire to stay active and work is what [...]
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Facility in the Spotlight – Saint Therese

Facility in the Spotlight – Saint Therese   You can’t help but like Iva Carey. Her kind, welcoming personality instantly draws people in. You can tell how much she cares about her patients by simply watching her interactions. Iva has spent the last 30 years working as a therapist—the last five years as the lead [...]