APTA With Solo-Step!

Solo Step & APTA logos in front of downtown san antonio

Our team had a blast at APTA in San Antonio, Texas! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth to learn more about the Solo-Step safety overhead track system! Check out our APTA recap video below to hear how Solo-Step paid for itself on its first day for one facility owner!

Your facility can benefit from a Solo-Step overhead track and harness system by:

  • Reducing/Eliminating liability risks associated with falls
  • Providing a safer environment for both patients and therapists
  • Increasing productivity with a 1:1 treatment ratio
  • Eliminating the fear of falling in patients who are scared
  • Increasing confidence in patients to try advanced therapies

In some cases, a facility such as a private practice physical therapy clinic will be able to see a return on investment from the Solo-Step Track System in a short period of time. One costly fall could be negated if your clinic had a Solo-Step safety overhead system!

Having the Solo-Step Track System in your facility will give your clinic the added edge to safely treat high-risk patients such as neurological and balance disorders. When word gets out about your new fall protection system, your facility with have an unfair advantage to dominate the local market and become the leader in safe rehabilitation.

To request pricing for your facility, please fill out the form here!