Best Equipment to use with the Solo-Step!

Physical Therapy GymThe Solo-Step safety overhead system is great for physical therapy when used on its own. However, adding different equipment to use with Solo-Step will allow your patient to gain strength and confidence without the fear of falling! Some of the best equipment to be used with the safety overhead system are:


Utilizing the Solo-Step safety overhead track and harness with a treadmill will give your patients the ability to exercise without the risk of falling. Some treadmills have special features like step counters and heart rate monitors to track fitness progress. Solo-Step allows patients who may be more advanced, but still may need a little fall prevention, to work on their balance while walking.

man using treadmill in physical therapy
man using parallel bars in physical therapy

Parallel Bars

Parallel bars are fun and help stimulate muscle growth! Patients can work on their strength and gain balance while pairing the Solo-Step with parallel bars. A variety of exercises can be performed with the help of parallel bars, from keeping your balance while walking, using a ball to catch or kick while practicing your balance, and more!

Shuttle Balance

The shuttle balance is a very versatile tool that can be used for ACL/Total Knee perturbation treatment, fall prevention programs for seniors, therapy for vestibular and vertigo patients,  rehabilitation for stroke, neck, and cervical patients as well as core strengthening exercises for athletes. The shuttle balance provides a safe platform for the recovering patient or athlete to re-establish dynamic stability to prevent injury or falls. Pair it with Solo-Step for a safe and effective exercise!

woman using Shuttle Balance in physical therapy
Woman using BOSU Ball in physical therapy


Training with a BOSU ball can produce a noticeable improvement in the patients’ balance. BOSU ball training is also easier on the body, providing a way for less-durable individuals to do resistance training without the same level of force being exerted on the body. Add the Solo-Step system for great fall prevention and balance training!

The Solo-Step can be combined with different equipment to give your patients and therapists unique therapy sessions while preventing falls! Find out more information about the Solo-Step safety overhead track system here.
man golfing in Solo Step in physical therapy