Joe Senser Recovers with the Solo-Step

Joe Senser Recovers with the Solo-Step His hard work, determination, and dedication won Joe Senser a spot as a tight end for the Minnesota Vikings, and the love of people everywhere. After a successful football career came to an end, Joe made Minnesota his home. The end of his professional football career didn’t slow Joe [...]

Michael’s Story

Michael's Story You can’t help but notice Michael's positive attitude, his contagious smile… and his arms. This 20-something hasn’t let his wheelchair stand in the way of accomplishing his goals. I met Michael, or “Delgado” as his friends call him, during my visit to REACT and had the opportunity to watch him work out with [...]

Facility in the Spotlight – Legacy Rehabilitation Group

Facility in the Spotlight - Legacy Rehabilitation Group Established in 2015, Legacy Rehabilitation Group was created with the vision of bringing exceptional outpatient therapy and pain management to the Twins Cities metro. Their highly-trained, professional staff care about helping you and your loved ones achieve the highest possible outcomes.  They utilize the latest medical research, [...]

Ballroom Dancing Helps Iowa Man get back on his Feet

Ballroom Dancing Helps Iowa Man get back on his Feet Doug and Jill Beardsley twirled and glided across the floor one recent Thursday afternoon. The two have danced together since 1980, when they were both students at Brigham Young University. But on that particular day the Iowa City couple weren’t doing the fox trot across [...]

Gait Dysfunctions in Children

Gait Dysfunctions in Children There are a variety of gait dysfunctions that children present from the day they walk until elementary years. Most gait dysfunctions are common at a young age, and are part of the learning process of walking. The dysfunctions generally fade over time. If a gait dysfunction is still present in elementary [...]

Diagnose a Gait Dysfunction

Diagnose a Gait Dysfunction Download our Diagnose a Gait Dysfunction PDF and share it with your colleagues. Please let us know if you have questions about how the Solo-Step system can reduce the number of therapists working with a single patient and increase the speed of patient recovery by eliminating the fear of falling.   [...]