Solo-Step: Custom Ceiling Mounted Track Systems

a Therapist and patient using the solo step for therapy

The Solo-Step safety overhead track system offers many different options for your facility. Our patented aluminum track system comes in many different shapes and sizes for the perfect fit in your facility! From simple straight tracks to complex curved tracks with switches, our sales representatives can help you with your layout to determine what would work best for you and your patients!

Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Extruded Aluminum

The Solo-Step track system is built to last. Our heavy-duty commercial grade extruded aluminum has a five-year warranty and is the same aluminum used for airplanes. Its wide base allows for smooth gait training with minimal noise!

Heavy duty aluminum track detail
Straight Track Solo Step pieces

Straight Tracks

Our straight track sections come in many different sizes:

  • 3’ long
  • 4’6” long
  • 7’6” long
  • 10’ long
  • 15’ long

Our track sections are rated to hold patients up to 450 lbs., keeping you worry-free about the possibility of your patient falling and getting injured.

Straight track in hallway

L-Shaped Tracks

L Shaped Track in physical therapy
L Shaped Track on Ceiling

Oval Tracks With Crossovers

Perfect for placing over equipment (treadmill, parallel bars, etc.)!

Oval Tracks with Crossovers in building
Oval Tracks with Crossovers in detail

J-Shaped Tracks

J shaped tracks in facility
J-Shaped Tracks in detail

Other Track Options

Other Track options different parts of room
U Track Option
Oval Track option

The Ceiling-Mounted Track System is our most popular option for physical therapy facilities because of its versatility and ease of use with equipment. Each system can be completely customized to accommodate your facility in order to maximize usage and efficiency for physical therapy. Our track sections can be installed on virtually any type of ceiling regardless of height!

Solo Step Track In facility

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