ExcePTional Physical Therapy

Marla Murphy is co-owner and therapist at Exceptional Physical Therapy located in Benton, Arkansas just 20 miles southwest of Little Rock.  Marla has a full treatment physical therapy outpatient clinic.  Their entire team shares the belief that the customers’ health needs are of the utmost importance.  At Exceptional Physical Therapy, they treat a wide range of conditions including; individuals with balance and dizziness disorders, vertigo, brain injury, stroke, neurological disorders, orthopedic injuries, pre and post-surgery, breast cancer, lymphedema management, spine pain/injuries, and sports injuries.

Exceptional-PT-1Due to the variety of patient needs fall prevention is incredibly important at Exceptional PT.  In May of 2013 they installed a Solo-Step system and are recognizing the benefits in many areas of their clinic. Marla says “It has enabled the patients to move with increased confidence knowing that they cannot fall while performing high level exercises that will improve their dynamic stability.” “Our physical therapists are free to move and challenge our patients without the fear of having to catch the person from falling. Our backs are thanking us!!!” “Patients choose our physical therapy clinic because we are safe.”

“At Exceptional PT, we build a dynamic walkway that the patients must navigate while wearing the Solo-Step harness system. The walkway has foam surfaces, wobble boards, air discs, firm and unstable surfaces which challenge the patients to push themselves farther, which they feel comfortable doing because of the Solo-Step.”

“The Solo-Step ensures that even our most unsteady patient will be safe when performing walking, balance and gait activities.” A patient states” I have multiple sclerosis, and have not been able to walk without a cane for 6 years. Since working on my gait with Marla, while using the Solo-Step, I am now able to walk without my cane!!”

For more information check out Exceptional Physical Therapy at their website www.exceptionalpt.com