Prevent Patient Falls During Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Hundreds of facilities of all sizes- from physical therapy locations to hospitals- use the Solo-Step Overhead Track and Harness System to prevent falls, improve balance and coordination, and provide safety for their patients during physical therapy and rehabilitation. 

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What is the Solo-Step Overhead Track System?

The Solo-Step is a fall prevention device, dedicated to keeping your patients and therapists safe during physical therapy, gait training, balance training, and more. The Solo-Step Aluminum Ceiling Track System allows therapy to be performed with just one therapist, reducing staff time and worker’s compensation claims. Solo-Step is a simple, affordable, and effective option for any facility that aims to keep its patients safe during physical therapy or specialized treatment!


How Can Solo-Step Improve Your Facility?

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Prevent falls during strength, balance, and gait training!

Decrease the fear of falling in elderly patients, stroke patients, and other patient types.

Increase your patients' confidence to perform more advanced tasks during therapy.

Increase your facilities productivity with a 1:1 patient to therapist treatment ratio.

Prevent therapist & patient injuries while challenging your patients.

Check out this video to see why therapists love the Solo-Step!

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Installed in Over 900 Facilities Across The U.S.!

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Trusted nationwide and backed by a 5-year track & trolley warranty!

“Excellent resource to have in our clinic! We use (Solo-Step) on a daily basis and it is so nice to take away the worry of a potential fall. It has instilled the confidence in our patients as well. We use it for more than just balance patients, but also for patients who are learning how to ambulate again and it has done a fantastic job in helping them through their rehabilitation. So nice to have in the outpatient setting! 


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