Prevent patient and therapist injuries with the Solo-Step overhead track and harness system!

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Customer Testimonials

Michel Vincent

Solo-Step has given our facility an added edge to take on more challenging cases safely for both the patients and therapists.

Jon Lowry
PT Solutions

Since having Solo-Step installed, we have utilized the product from day one. Not only has it helped with day-to-day operations, but also with our clinical research programs. Solo-Step has been nothing but a pleasure to work with, from quote to installation. The SoloStep team and installers are second to none! I highly recommend SoloStep!

Mike Langston

Solo-Step is an innovative rehabilitation tool designed for the safety of both the patient and therapist or athletic trainer. Solo-Step has the versatility to allow you to work with all patients whether it be amputees, posts of total joins, athletes, or aquatics. This tool gives the patient complete confidence during assisted ambulation and eases the fear of falling. I cannot imagine how many injuries, to patients or practitioners, Solo-Step could help prevent.

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