Never Too Old

Edward Stanley famously said, “Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” Boy, was he on to something! That quote is almost 200 years old, but it will always be true. You could put it this way too – a person who fails to exercise will have a failed body. This is especially important as we get older. As people exercise less, legs become weak, it gets harder to walk, pretty soon they’re bed ridden or relegated to using a scooter, and they’re rewarded for the inactivity with diseases that affect the heart and brain.  Ultimately, people who fail to exercise, especially late in life, die sooner than people who maintain a healthy lifestyle. A lot of times, it comes down to motivation. Lets face it, it is easy to get lazy and to think that exercise doesn’t matter anymore. Here’s another quote – this time from Mark Twain. “I am pushing sixty. That is enough exercise for me.” Here’s some amazing people older than that who know better.

70 year-old Serge Nubret

86 year-old Morjorie Newlin