Portable Unit Assembly



Assembling your Portable Solo-Step

Step 1:

Line up all the pieces

Step 2:

Insert the trolley into the track

Step 3:

Place rubber end stops at opposite ends of the track

Step 4:

Place a leg support bracket at each end of the track.

Step 5:

Insert the bolts into the brackets.

Step 6:

Lock adjustable foot insert into place with a wire locking pin. Make sure all legs are at the shortest adjustment before assembly.

Step 7:

Attach each leg and lock into place with a wire locking pin.

Step 8:

Place wire-locking pins at the top of each leg.

Step 9:

Repeat steps 7 and 8 until all six legs are secured to the brackets.

Step 10:

Raise Solo-Step assembly onto the legs. Spread legs as far apart as possible.

Step 11:

Adjust individual leg height only after complete assembly. Raise unit with pre-drilled holes on each leg.