overhead track sections accessory


Straight Overhead Track
Straight Track
L Shaped Overhead Track
L Shape Track
Oval Shaped Overhead Track System
Oval Track
Oval Track with Cross sections
Oval Track with Crossover
W Shaped Track on Ceiling
W Shape Track
U Shaped Track on Ceiling
U Shape Track
Switch for track Overhead Track System
Track Switch
J shape Track Mounted on Ceiling
J Shape Track
  • The Solo-Step track is composed of heavy-duty commercial grade aluminum alloy extrusion.
  • The most Robust track on the market
    • Ultimate tensile & yield strength
    • Aluminum extrusion – Grade 6005A-T5
    • Mid-Span deflection suspension supports – .090”
    • Support Spacing – 36” centers
    • Recommendation for multi user systems – No two patients weighing 300 lbs., or more are to be within 36” of each other at any point on the track.
    • Rule of thumb – One person per track section
  • Wide track base allows freedom of movement and natural gait pattern.
  • Track can be utilized as a straight run, curved, oval or any custom shaped system.
  • Straight Track available in 7.5ft or 10ft lengths.
  • Curved Track available in 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, or custom lengths.

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