PT Research at Solo Step Facilities

Some fantastic schools that use Solo Step systems are doing interesting research on physical therapy methods.  We know that a loss of balance is a big reason people start to fall more frequently as they get older.  And while exercise is key to correcting that problem, it’s hard for people to make sure they’re doing their exercises the right way. University of Missouri researchers have teamed with the schools engineering department to develop technology that tracks patients motions in real time, which helps physical therapists fix their techniques and educate them on exercising properly.

The University of South Florida recently opened the Human Functional Performance Laboratory, equipped with all the latest physical therapy technology. The research at the lab will cover an array of topics that will improve the lives of amputees, diabetes patients and stroke patients.  Researchers will also study the effects the Solo Step system has when using it in patients physical therapy regimens.  Check back with us as we will share the results of the tests with you.