Resolve to Work Harder

Here’s to a New Year’s Resolution we can all get behind. Lets all resolve to work harder. You probably think we’re crazy to suggest that. You already work hard every day. And your day isn’t exactly defined by punching a clock from 9 to 5. You don’t even know what its like to work a 40 hour week. Try 60 or more. We get that. But this year, when that patient starts getting on your nerves and you want to give up on them, don’t. Give that extra little effort for them. When you’re pushed to a state of frustration because budgets are tight, or co-workers aren’t pushing their weight, give more of yourself. Just that little extra. It can lead to amazing things. Need proof? We have it. Here’s some stories of people who didn’t give up.  And they’re therapists didn’t give up either. Everyone involved gave more of themselves. And did something extraordinary.


Soldier Becomes First Soldier Amputee To Sky-Dive

10-Year-Old Survives Earthquake, Amputation, Then Learns How To Ski

Soldier Chooses Amputation Over Surgery – And Competes At Championship Level

They’re working harder. Now lets all do the same.