The Best Medicine For Walking

It’s amazing to think about how we take our ability to walk for granted.  Take that blessing away, and it’s easy to understand why.  Right away, you might think about being able to walk to your car, to run outside.  You can think of an infinite amount of freedoms you would lose.

Lower Life Expectancy

Here’s one you may not think of right away.  Once you start losing the ability to walk and as you become less mobile – your life expectancy drops dramatically.  And what’s worse, this is something that will happen to all of us.  Researchers are trying to find out why it happens and how to solve the problem.  As you get older you lose muscle mass and physical therapy becomes more important than ever.  As your legs get weaker, it becomes harder to live independently.  So far, all researchers know for sure is that exercise is the best medicine to keep you active – and to help you live longer and happier.

Easy Exercises

Here are some really easy exercises that the National Institute on Aging recommends.  These will help keep seniors limber, give them good balance to help reduce falls and strengthen their legs.  Many of these exercises can be done with the Solo Step system.  At Solo-Step, our mission is to get people back to walking.  A big part of what we do includes helping seniors, many of whom simply need help exercising. Solo-Step is so much better than conventional physical therapy methods because, with Solo Step, there’s no fear of falling.  Anxiety is a major reason why seniors fall down and hurt themselves.

We Can Help!

If you work in or run a nursing home, we want to help you. Contact us to find out how Solo Step can significantly reduce your insurance costs, and how easy it is for us to install a system. Let’s get seniors healthy, happy, and walking again!