Time to Change

It’s amazing how fast things change.  I just read that of the top ten jobs that are in demand right now, six didn’t even exist in 2004.  That’s incredible.  But what might be more incredible than that, is most hospitals and clinics use the same rehab technology that was introduced in the 1930’s. Take a good look at these parallel bars and crutches.  They’ve got a lot in common.  They’re built to put weight on your arms.  Its easy to fall when using them.  And parallel bars and forearm crutches are ancient technologies.  It’s time to change how we think about physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Think about it.  When we’re helping a patient on the old technology, they’re afraid of falling.  The only reason they’re able to stand on parallel bars or crutches is because they’re using their arms.  What if their arms give out?  The only way to stop them from falling and hurting themselves is to have a team of physical therapists at the ready.  And even then you’d be lucky to prevent a fall.   Besides, why would putting a bunch of weight on your arms help you efficiently strengthen your legs?

With Solo Step, you can get rid of the old parallel bars and forearm crutches.  Our technology allows a patient to do rehabilitation without the fear of falling, and with the help of just one physical therapist.  Patients have more range of motion, and at some facilities, patients have the freedom to walk anywhere they want.  They’re not confined to a ten foot area or held prisoner by other limitations.

Faster healing.  Happier patients.   Lower insurance costs.  Lower labor costs.  How’s that for a new way of thinking?