100 Years Later – Exercise to Avoid a Walker

We came across this amazing story (now archived and unavailable, unfortunately) about a 100-year-old woman who had just taken a fall in her bathtub. Fully expecting the doctor to prescribe a walker, she found herself pleasantly surprised! In fact, the doctor did not prescribe a walker, he sent her to do physical therapy instead. After more than two months of hard work building strength and improving gait, the centenarian patient is fine and expects to go on the first of several Caribbean cruises. What a great story!

A New Option

Thanks to belief from her doctor and physical therapist, and a lot of belief in herself, this patient is able to continue to live an active, independent life. She (and her doctor) could have easily given up. In fact, she expected to be using a walker. But would she have still been able to go on that cruise? Would she enjoy life the way she is able to now? Probably not.

Solo-Step’s Mission

Giving elders the ability to continue to exercise and live longer and happier lives is our passion at Solo-Step. Too many nursing homes and physical therapy facilities are ill-equipped to give everyone an opportunity to exercise. As a result, elders do not always get the same physical therapy opportunities as others. Solo-Step gives patients the means to build muscle and increase gait without the fear of falling – we can install a system almost anywhere. For help finding a solution at your facility, give us a call anytime at  866.631.1117 or email info@solo-step.com.