Are Your Patients Protected from Costly Falls?

Keep your patients protected from injuries and patient falls with the Solo-Step overhead track and harness system. Our safety overhead system allows your patients to gain confidence without the possibility of falling during physical therapy. Patients who have used Solo-Step have experienced these benefits:

  • Eliminated fear of falling down
  • Boosted confidence
  • Patients are able to challenge themselves with advanced therapies
  • They are in a safe environment for balance, strength, and gait training

Therapists have noticed many benefits while using the Solo-Step system as well:

  • Ease of use allows therapists to use the system with their patients within minutes of being introduced to it
  • Reduced risk of injury or strain associated with protecting patient falls
  • Ability to help larger patients, or patients that may need additional help during therapy
  • Challenge your patients to reach a high levels of rehabilitation in less time
  • Ability to step away from your patients and view total body alignment without worrying about them falling

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