Improving Functional Outcomes Using The Solo-Step Track System

Key Performance Indicator for PT Functional Outcomes

One of the most critical components to any rehab facility is measuring functional outcomes…

Depending on the type of facility you work at, functional outcomes play a huge role on a variety of factors such as the amount of reimbursements from insurance companies, quality of life for the patient, and overall satisfaction rate of your facility.

All of these factors tie into the bottom line of the physical therapy facility. With this in mind, it is easy to see how important functional outcomes are and why it should be a necessary topic to discuss.

“What Hinders The Improvement Of Functional Outcomes?”


There are various reasons as to why a patient isn’t progressing, however the main reason incubuses some type of fear. Fear is an interesting thing as it plays tricks on our minds.


Even when we know something is silly to be afraid of, it can literally stop someone in their tracks, paralyzed and unable to move.

The fear that is most commonly associated with the lack of progress is the fear of falling. This fear is very real to those who have experienced falls before and more specifically in the geriatric population.

In addition to fear, the other major road block that stops patients from progressing is lack of belief that they actually can. For some patients, they have developed a hindering belief that they cannot improve their current status.

“How Can Solo-Step Help Improve Functional Outcomes?”


Solo-Step eliminates the fear of falling and allows patients to move past their limitations with confidence. If patients are dealing with balance or walking problems the Solo-Step provides a safety net that gives patients a sense of security.

The traditional way of handling patients to ensure they do not fall is using a gait belt, the assistance of a walker or the help of additional therapists. The challenge with this method is the lack of natural body movement and reliance on a device or person.

With the Solo-Step, there is nothing to hold onto. The patient is forced to use their natural body movement which creates a unique situation where the magic starts to happen.

Using the Solo-Step helps re-program the brain which is essential to help regain strength, balance, and confidence with the ultimate goal of total independence.

Below is a video that shows a woman who was injured in a car accident, leaving her paralyzed and having to use a wheelchair and other assistive devices.

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For many years she has been unable to walk on her own and has developed a limiting belief that she will not get better.

After using the Solo-Step her outlook on life has dramatically changed for the better and she continues to make progress in her treatment program.

Having the ability to instill confidence in your patients is something so powerful that you will begin to see miracles happen right before your eyes. The kind of miracles that change lives.


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“Proof That Solo-Step Helps Patients Push Past Their Limitations!”


One of our clients sent us case studies of 3 different patients that have been using the Solo-Step Track System to help them regain balance, strength, and independence. Below are the results from 3-5 visits at the Fyzical Therapy And Balance Center in Florida.

The first case study is Mr. D, a 62 year old male with vascular disease resulting in a left below knee amputation. At first, Mr. D was trembling with fear as he was afraid to fall down. After 10 minutes or so of telling Mr. D to try and fall he finally realized he was securely fastened and would not fall. He stopped shaking and his sensory input calmed down as he bought into the truth that he literally could not fall.

After a few sessions Mr. D was safe enough to ambulate in the community with a cane and was practicing his tennis moves!


Case Study Vascular disease in below knee amputation


The next case study is from Mr. N, a 74 year old male with severe CVA with R Hemiplegia and speech deficits. After a few sessions Mr. N broke down and cried in a combination of the overwhelming effect of how difficult such a simple task is now coupled with his ability to master the task in 10 minutes.

Mr. N still has a long way to go, however the few treatment sessions that he had while using the Solo-Step Track System showed him that he has the ability to get to where he needs to be and is making quick progress.


Case Study CVA with R hemiplegia and speech deficits


The last of the 3 patients was, Mrs. H, a 79 year old female with vestiublar impairment. She has experienced multiple falls resulting in arm fracture, foot fracture, lacerations and abrasions.

Upon her first assessment she scored a 19/56 on the Berg Balance Score. The next couple of visits, the therapists has Mrs. H practice walking without holding on to anything and walking over a multi-level obstacle course including foam ramps, steps, trampolines, and cones.

After only a few sessions using the Solo-Step Track System, Mrs. H scored a 52/56 on the Berg Balance Assessment.


case study vestibular impairment


As you can see, the Solo-Step Track System has played a crucial role in the recovery process of all 3 of these patients. The main difference between traditional therapy and therapy using the Solo-Step Track System is the added safety to both the patient and the therapists and the confidence that comes with the sense of security.

Regardless of age, weight, size, or type of patient the Solo-Step Track System can be used in the rehab setting to improve functional outcomes and provide a safe environment for both the patient and the therapist.


Get Your FREE Information Packet To Learn More About The Solo-Step Track System!

Solo-Step is in over 9 countries and almost all 50 states helping thousands of patients from around the world regain strength, balance, and independence…

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